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Franco Marinelli has directed many hundreds of commercials and brand content projects in almost every region of the world. Hi focus on humanism and cinematic grandeur combined with his adaptability to diverse cultural narratives has made him one of the most experienced and awarded ‘global’ film directors working in the industry today.

A deep believer in the versatility of his craft, Franco utilises his skills as an artist to draft highly detailed storyboards to assist with pre-visualization. He is also an experienced landscape cinematographer able to capture unique and timeless moments to compliment a production.


Franco's powerful visual aesthetic and subtle storytelling sensibilities have created a rich body of work that is thematically powerful and highly original in its visual aesthetic.


Many of his recent projects have been for the International Travel and Tourism industry and for Government Authorities including; The Information Office of Shanghai City, The Philippines Department of Tourism, The Western Australia Department of Tourism, The Mauritius Ministry of Tourism, Dalat Tourism, Vietnam, The Dubai Department of Tourism and the Hong Kong Land Corporation.

Franco Marinelli has also helmed successful campaigns for major international brands such as Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Emirates Airlines, Sony, Bank Of China, Nokia and Canon. He has also undertaken major Corporate Campaigns for leading Telecom Companies and Communications Companies such as Viettel (Vietnam), Safaricom (Kenya), Smart Telecom and Globe Telecom (Philippines), Saudi Telecom, Etisalat (United Arab Emirates) and Optus (Australia).


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